Best and worst treats for your teeth

best and worst treats for your teeth, high riverHalloween is just around the corner.  It’s an exciting time for our children, but maybe not so much for our dentists.  Sugary treats are not good for our teeth, but there are some candies that are much worse than others.  Here is a list from worst to better.

Worst: Taffy, caramels, coconut and nuts are the worst kind of candy for teeth.  Taffy and caramels will get stuck on everything inside of your mouth.  Coconut and nuts can become lodged between teeth. The longer food stays stuck to your teeth, the longer bacteria can feed on it and cause cavities.

Second worst: Hard candies such as jawbreakers and suckers. They don’t stick to your mouth as easily, but they do take a long time to dissolve.  This means the bacteria is staying in your mouth longer.

Bad: Sour candies and powdery candies like pixie stix. Sour candies are bad because of the acid which can break down tooth enamel.  Powdery candies dissolve quickly but they are nothing but sugar which changes the mouth’s PH and allows the bacteria to feed.

Not as bad: Chocolate.  Chocolate candies that don’t include any sticky fillings won’t stick to your teeth and are a better option if you want something sweet.

Best: Sugar free gum is one of the best treats to allow. Especially if it is sweetened with xylitol, a natural sugar that the bacteria is unable to form plaque on.  This can actually help prevent cavities.

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